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  • I came to New York Merchant Cash Advance needing some quick cash to buy some equipment for my business. I didn’t want to wait around for a business loan so I decided to try them out. I was able to buy what I needed within a week!

    Author's imageJoey MartinezGiardino Fresco
  • Thank you NYMCA! You really helped my business get through some tough months. Now, we’re starting to get some more customers each month! Also, I have less to worry about in the future because I know that you guys are there to help us whenever we need it!

    Author's imageJosephine PironiLa Boutique
  • As a restaurant, we were already doing pretty well. But when I saw the opportunity to expand buy the space next door, I knew I didn’t have the funds to afford it at the time. I didn’t want to let this chance pass by so I decided to get a merchant cash advance. We weren’t comfortable getting a loan at first but my experiences with New York Merchant Cash Advance was very pleasant and we are doing even better than before!

    Author's imageSylvia CatLola Cabana
  • I had a great experience with New York Merchant Cash Advance. Definitely a lot smoother and a lot simpler than a regular loan! I highly recommend their services!
    I hope small businesses everywhere take advantage of such great opportunities. It is vital to have cash flow to operate a business, as I know from personal experience. Thank you once again!

    Author's imageChad OliverOliver & Co.
  • I didn’t want to keep leasing out my trucks to run my business since it was taking a large cut of my monthly revenue. I was planning on waiting until I had enough capital saved up to buy my own but I found that a merchant cash advance would help me buy one right away. The whole process was easy and I got the money in 24 hours! I’m planning on getting another MCA soon to buy another truck and expand my business!

    Author's imagePhilip LancasterLancaster Trucking Service

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