Mobile Search: What it means for your small business and why should you care

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With more and more mobile traffic accounting for the overall Internet traffic, it’s getting pretty clear that we cannot (and should not) ignore it. If you’re running a business, it is especially important that you get things done in the proper manner, and optimizing your websites more mobile search falls into that category. Relax, that doesn’t mean that you will have to break your piggy bank, so put that hammer down. With a bit of knowledge you can get things running properly without a moment’s hesitation.


In order to achieve this, first you need to realize what people are actually looking for when they use their mobile phones. You wouldn’t use your phone if you have a computer or tablet nearby, right? This is true for most people (unless they’re feeling extremely lazy, but that’s more of an exception than a rule). Most people would use their mobile phone for search in order to find some kind of information fast – if they’re looking at your small business, they’ll probably be searching for an address, phone number or some kind of general information about your business. This means that you need to make this information easy to find. If a person is using their mobile phone for search, odds are they might be on the road and they’re using their data package, and no one likes wasting more megabytes than they absolutely have to when they’re looking for something, especially when they know what that something is.


Once that is taken care of, ensure that your website is optimized for mobile. You can either use responsive web design (you can talk to your web designer and ask how much it will cost to augment the site in this way if it’s not), or you can create a mobile website, but the disadvantage is that it will require you to maintain and update two websites. Having good mobile response will ensure that you get better rankings for mobile searches, since people won’t back out of your site once they enter, effectively reducing your bounce rate.


Another way to reduce your bounce rate is to make sure that you don’t have a high loading time. The more time it takes your site to load, the more it is likely that the person waiting for it will stop waiting and just go somewhere else because, as we’ve mentioned, nobody likes to waste their megabytes, especially when they’re looking for something simple like a phone number or an address. Having all those pretty pictures may seem like a good idea to you and it definitely may look nice, but if that causes your site to load slowly, then it will be pointless because no one will wait around to see them.


Mobile search is extremely important because more and more people turn to their mobile devices in their hour of need, especially for general information. If you don’t have this properly set up on your small business web site, it’s about time you did.

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