A Few Marketing Tips for Small Business

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In his book “Unleashing the Ideavirus”, Seth Godin (author, entrepreneur, and marketer) talks about two types of marketing – to people and at people. The problem with marketing at people is that you feel like you’re doing a good job for your business, but you’re really not. Some people might be susceptible to this sort of marketing, but 50 years of advertising have left us desensitized to anything that is not strictly engaging or interesting in any way, shape, or form. After all, let’s not forget that advertising and marketing are not the same thing, even though many marketers are trying to convince business owners otherwise.


The alternative is marketing to people. This is the type of marketing where people are engaged on a personal level, and where they feel like the marketer actually cares about the person. This way you can stimulate word of mouth recommendations, which is the “ideavirus” Godin talks about. If people are pleased with your marketing strategy, then they will tell other people, thus “infecting” them. Hence, the whole thing will spread but that won’t be possible with simple advertising. We know what you’re thinking – many other companies do it. Yes, but those companies spend a lot of resources with little returns. Traditional advertising is not what it used to be. Everybody hates ads nowadays. People online use ad-blockers for a reason. But marketing is still quite strong and if you do it right, you can unleash an “ideavirus” of your own. Here’s some tips to help you do that.


Social media


You want successful marketing? Make sure that your business social media profiles are doing well. This way you can engage many people with little. You can also use the profiles for special promotions, and trust us – everybody likes a good promotion. If you want to make people talk about you (both online and offline).


A competition


Who doesn’t like a good competition? Well, probably people who lose. Anyway, most people like the idea that they have a chance of winning something, so they like different competitions, contests, lotteries, etc. If you want to attract some attention, then you should consider creating a competition of your own. Manage to do it properly, and people will definitely start talking about you all over the place. However, you want to include some compelling prizes, otherwise nobody’s going to bother and you will seem like you’re a stingy, greedy company that only pretends to cater to people’s preferences. And that is the kind of publicity you don’t want. Just be generous (but not too generous) and be creative.




You can ask some happy customers for photos with the merchandise they’re getting. Those photos can be used on social media, and displayed in the store to show other people that there are already those have been satisfied with your services. This should work on psychological level if it’s done properly. You shouldn’t just throw the photos somewhere. They have to be promptly displayed. All in all, get creative and think about what your customers would like – this is the best policy.


Reference Link: http://forwardline.com/blog/easy-marketing-tips-your-business

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