• How-to-Be-Successful-at-Affiliate-Marketing

    Things to consider when building your small business website

    Building your first company website is a really exciting task but there are some things you need to consider in order to do it properly. Otherwise you might end up wasting your money and still not getting your business requires, and in this day and age you can’t afford to be making too many such […]

  • Girl With Mobile Smart Phone

    Mobile Search: What it means for your small business and why should you care

    With more and more mobile traffic accounting for the overall Internet traffic, it’s getting pretty clear that we cannot (and should not) ignore it. If you’re running a business, it is especially important that you get things done in the proper manner, and optimizing your websites more mobile search falls into that category. Relax, that […]

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    Mobile is taking over the Web. What does that mean for your business?

    PC still dominates the Internet, that much is certain. Most people who access the Web do it through their computers or laptops. However, mobile is slowly but surely beginning to overtake PC in terms of internet usage. This is something Google noticed as a tendency a few years back, which is why they unleashed the […]

  • 10-ideas-for-marketing-your-small-business-this-holiday-season

    A Few Marketing Tips for Small Business

    In his book “Unleashing the Ideavirus”, Seth Godin (author, entrepreneur, and marketer) talks about two types of marketing – to people and at people. The problem with marketing at people is that you feel like you’re doing a good job for your business, but you’re really not. Some people might be susceptible to this sort […]

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    How to Hire the Right People for the Job

    Job hunting is frustrating. We’ve all been there. You send your CV to tens of companies, then you go on interviews where you have to present yourself in the best light possible. Then you have to wait and see whether the interviewer liked you and if you get a job offer several different places, you […]

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    Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Social Networks

    Small business and social media are an old topic. However, there are still some crucial mistakes that haven’t been covered and owners and managers keep making them. That’s why we feel compelled to bring them into the light, so we can finally see them and ensure that we don’t make them anymore. And by “we”, […]

  • credit-card-scam

    How to Prevent Card Fraud This Holiday Season

    The holidays are a joyous occasion to get together with friends and family, forgetting about all that is wrong with the world for a while and simply having a great time. Sharing some stories beside the fire, laughing at your cousin’s futile attempts to tell a funny joke, and remembering what it is to experience […]

  • Be Wary of These Social Media Mistakes you’re (Probably) Making

    Social media is an awesome way to make new friends, have that distinct sense of belonging (while avoiding real social interaction altogether), and of course letting the world what you’re up to (and maybe taking a look at your friends with a few likes in hand if you’re feeling charitable). As great as social media […]